Legal Services

Elevated Consulting provides sound, unbiased and strong legal advice.

  • Assist with cannabis license applications and continual compliance
  • Draft and review business contracts
  • Provide basic business structure support and business start-up legal advice
  • Advise on how to incorporate, file copyrights, patents, and represent you in any legal action
  • Debrief organization with latest cannabis news and law

Vast Cannabis Industry Network

Who or what do you need to make your cannabis business a success? Chances are Elevated Consulting knows exactly who or what they are!

Dominic Ripoli, attorney at law works with several cannabis equity clients who are forming cannabis equity business associations. Interested in learning how you can become a member of a cannabis equity business association?  Reach out now!

Confidence and Professionalism

The proliferation of cannabis to every corner of the galaxy is Elevated Consulting's personal mission!

The shifting legality of the cannabis industry coupled with the end of the War on Drugs requires constant attention to the changing direction and opportunities within the cannabis industry. Elevated Consulting gives its clients up to date knowledge on all current cannabis laws. Elevated Consulting brings with it a statewide cannabis industry network, providing an effective way to get a competitive edge.

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